Jailbreak 6.1 Un-thethered??

Hello all, I have read through may post in the forum and just wanted to confirm a few things before I try and Jailbreak my ATV2.

1. Can I jailbreak Software 6.1 unthethered? If so, is the correct way to proceed is by right-clicking (I am using Windows) 'Create IPSW' and selecting '5.3 10B809' Then proceed with the Jailbreak process.

2. Also after the jailbreak is it no longer necessary to connect to iTunes? I have jailbroken another ATV2 and it seemed that I needed to this step but some post say this is no longer necessary?

3. Any other helpful tips?





The latest firmware for which we currently have a jailbreak is 5.3.(untethered).  I have not seen any ETA for a jailbreak of the 6.x series firmware.

I have seen several post and a youtube video stating that you can jailbreak from iOS 6.1.4, these are incorrect?

I think you are confusing the firmware version numbers and iOS version numbers.

There is a 'sticky' article at the top of this forum which details the firmware/iOS versions and whether a jailbreak is/was available.