jailbreak 5.0.2

Hello I am trying to jailbreak an atv2 with 5.02. Iam kind of confused on the process. I have downloaded the latest version of seasonpass. When I launch the application do i hit the create button or do I right click on it and chose the version that I am running.  After i do either of those what is next. what is the process i go through and do i need to back anything up do anything else. Thank you all in advance.




Open seasonpass

right-click create firware signatures and choose save firmware signatures. (this is in case something screws up)

right-click create firware signatures and and chose the version that you are running.

the rest is displayed on screen. Follow along with this… http://support.firecore.com/entries/387605-Jailbreaking-101-Seas0nPass


I dont have a create firmware signatures option And when I right click the create button it just shows a list of older firmwares. 

Did you make sure you downloaded the version of SeasonPass linked from the ‘beta’ thread? You need that version to have that option.


Do you by chance have a link to that? I just downloaded the seasonpass from the jailbreak 101 screen. 



I downloaded the beta and saved the firmware i think but where does it save to so i can put it onmy server

So i saved my blobs for 5.0.2 through iFaith since i cant see where season pass puts them. Are the dumped blolb signed am i ok to try to jailbreak. and if something goes wrong can i use the dumped blobs to restore back to 5.0.2?