Jailbreak 4.2.1

Gd, what are the possibilities for jailbreacking unthetered an appletv with version 4.2.1 (atv 4.1.1). Can I just use the latest version of Seasonpass?

Or does that only work on 4.3.


I would like to know this too, as I have the hdmi problem so its unusable at the moment.

Guess I will just have a go and see what happens


So I turned off the disabling of updates, and tried to updated.

It got to the final stages and came back and said it failed.

AppleTV 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3) compatible versions of Seas0nPass will be available later today.

[edit] The new version of Seas0nPass is now available. This version provides tethered jailbreak of the new 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3) software.

I noticed the release of the latest version of seasonpass has just been announced. Is this one untethered?

Sorry, 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3) is still tethered.

Excuses me to intrude this thread ... and also my ignorance.  What is tethered and untethered ?

tethered means it needs to be connected to your mac when you boot it

Hi James, 

Thanks your reply, however I want to jailbreak appletv with ios 4.2.1 (apple tv 4.1.1). Is it possible with latest version of seasonpass or does that only work on ios 4.3?

When will there be an untethered version released.

Been trying to find out the same thing . I download the latest version but it just wants to work with 4.3 so i went back to using greenpois0n, worked well

Thanks!, will do that.