Jail broken apple tv2 5.3. Can not connect to wifi or Ethernet

Got Apple TV 2. Jail broken under 5.3 can not connect to wifi or using Ethernet cable. Any solution. I did not want to do anything till I get your opinion thx

Try going to settings/general/network/wi -fi and set it up

Manualy setting the wifi don’t work and if using Ethernet cable directly it should detect it without configuration but it does not

I restored it using itune to the latest iOS. And wiped the jailbreak. And still not wifi. Option available. It desapear like before. And Ethernet can not connect. Any. Help will be appreciated thx

Sounds like the ATV2 might have a hardware fault if the network will not work on either standard or jailbroken firmware.

It looks like that brother. I will update if anything changed. This way the problem may help someone else
Thanx for taking time to replay