jail broke apt2 4.4.4 will not work

I have an apt2 which i jailbroke just before the new update came out , I have nito installed on it an also xbmc . I have done many jailbreaks so i am kinda stumped- i have all the respositories installed and can not get any of them to work. When i try to use one channel all i get is "can not connect to url ". Does anybody have any ideas as to what went wrong with this unit ?

after many hours of reading and messing around I finally found my problem so I thought I would post it to help otheres like myself. All the addons I had enabled would not work because it could not make a connection to the  internet. I finally found that in XBMC under system then under settings then under network then under internet access that “use an HTTP proxy server to access the internet” was checked off . I unchecked it rebooted apple tv an tried it again - it worked yaaaaaaaa , makes my day