Jail breaking question regarding disk space

I have an external hard drive with plenty of space. How do I get seas0npass to use that space because I don’t have the 3.5gb that is required when I start the jailbreak

Unfortunately you can’t choose a specific location for Seas0nPass to store the temporary files.

What you can do is move some content from the main drive to the external drive, then move it back once Seas0nPass has completed the jailbreak.

Thanks James. That is what I ended up doing. I am trying to atvflash on my atv2 but I can’t jailbreak this thing. I posted the question but maybe you can help. At the end of the restore I get a 3194 error. Are there any work arounds or solutions.

Take a look at the tips found here: iTunes Restore Errors - Seas0nPass - Firecore