Jail Breaking Procedure - failing

When using SeasOnPass, do you need to run through both sides of the applications (Create IPSW , then Boot Teathered)?


When running the Create IPSW side, three times i have tried to jailbreak, and all three times after completing the procedure, the ATV, when plugged back in & hooked up to the TV, shows no video. The light will blnk rapidly for a few second, then go steady, responding to clicks from the remove, but no video output.


Any suggestions?

Hey kaenath, 

From what it sounds like, your not tether booting after jailbreaking....you do need to do both sides. 

Once you do the jailbreak piece, unplug the atv, then replug into the machine, and plug the power in as well. wait about 5 seconds after plugging the micro/power in, then put into DFU mode, and run the tether boot process.  you should hopefully be good to go after that...