Jail Break resets after unplug power

So i have successfully jail broken the Appletv and installed the aTV Flash without problems.  After I unplug the Appletv and move it to a different TV I lose everything and get the conneect to iTunes icon.  I have done this 3 times and every time I lose everything after I unplug the Appletv.  

that’s the very definition of a “tethered” jailbreak.  It has to be booted by a computer every time.  I’m sitting next to my TV right now with a laptop.  Good times, no?

Thanks for the reply.  I thought this might be the answer.  I thought it was just the procedure at the beginning

Nope it’s everytime you need to reboot completely.  Now respringing doesn’t require you to do this, that’s just when the UI restarts (if you’re familiar with jailbroken iPhone/iPod/iPads)

I think I’ll wait for a proper flash, as i move the apple TV from room to room.

lol, if you’re desperate, you can use a UPS to move it from one place to another while it’s on.

Or just downgrade to 4.3 as it’s an untethered answer.