Ixpand question

Hi all,

A try before you buy question here. At the moment I download videos to my iPad using infuse and upnp to my NAS.
If I buy an ixpand drive will it work the same way or do I need to connect the ixpand drive to my pc and copy over the videos manually before reconnecting to the iPad to watch offline


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Currently, Infuse will allow you to play videos stored on an iXpand drive right from within the Infuse app.

File downloads will be saved to the iOS device itself, but we’re working to allow downloads to be saved to the iXpand drive as well.


Another question about iXpand device. Do you have a solution to make it compatible with new USB-C iPad Pro? Ideally, I would love connecting it through a USB-C / USB-A adaptator…

Thank you for your help!

So–if I buy an iXpand - I can plug the USB end into my desktop and copy a bunch of movies…then I plug it into my iPad and it appears in Infuse automatically?

Yes, that’s exactly right.

The iXpand Drive will appear right inside Infuse, under the Files tab.

Unfortunately there is not a USB-C iXpand Drive at this time, but you can use a regular USB-C drive and access those files in Infuse through the Settings > Add Files > via Documents menu.

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