I've just bought a new ATV (running 4.4.3), do I need to jailbreak it to run ATV flash ?

It’s not clear if you have to jailbreak your ATV to install ATV flash. So I ask :

  • Do I have to jailbreak it or could I install ATV flash directly ?
  • Do I have to downgrade my ATV to 4.3 before installing ATV Flash ?

Thanks !

Yes - you ahve to Jailbreak the ATV2 before you can install any additional software such as the ATV Flash (black) software.

When you jailbreak, SeasonPass currently offers two basic options:

  • The 4.3 fiirmware.  This is an untetheredn jailbreak meaning that once the jailbreak has completed you shoud not need to attach the ATV2 to your PC/Mac again via USB

  • The 4.4.x sftware.  This is tehtered jailbreak which means that every time you power up the ATV2 or reboot it you have to attach it via USB to your PC/Mac to complete the boot process.

An untethered jailbreak of the 4.4.x firmware series is in the works and should be available soon although no specific ETA has yet been given.

Thank you very much