I've got my ATV3. Waiting on you guys now

<tap> <tap> <tap> <tap> :slight_smile:

How much internal memory does it have?

same 8gb    but 512mb of  ram!

This wait is taking FOREVER. Can we get an update at least? Last we heard was a day ago and it said it was close. What is close? Friday? 

the door bells ring … tada …my apple tv … nice device!!!


now i’m waiting for firecore :slight_smile:

I hope its not too far away!

Seems that there wont be a jailbreak soon http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=14572012&postcount=8


A statement by Firecore would be nice…

Your more lickleyt to s an unthered boot for ATV2 5.0 , I think a break for ATV3 is months way, I hope I am wrong , as I have a new 3 waiting, for now running my ATV2 on 5.0 tethered , hats of to firecore for getting it out so quick.