iTV vs. AppleTV What's the plan & opinions?

Based on all that I’ve read, it looks like a new AppleTV renamed as iTV is slated to hit us in September. It will run a modified version of the iPhone OS, it will cost $100 (U.S.), and it will stream only without any HD or local storage at all.

Assuming that this is all true, I’d appreciate knowing what FireCore has in mind. Can you do anything with this? I’m guessing that you won’t be able to do anything with it, and if that’s the case, then the iTV is looking like another lackluster product. In my opinion the current AppleTV is very weak without the atvFlash software. I really have no desire to buy an iTV that sucks compared to my atvFlashed AppleTV with a Crystal HD chip.

So, FireCore, what do you think you’ll be able to do with the iTV?

Fellow readers, what do you plan to do? Stick with the AppleTV (flashed of course), or move on to iTV?


I’ve posted a few thoughts in a blog post here:

Thanks for the link.

I read it and think the iTV is going to suck. So, I will probably buy another AppleTV soon instead. So what I need to know is if you guys still add larger drives to AppleTVs, and if so, then what’s the largest capacity drive I can put in it?


The largest supported internal drive will be 320GB. Below are a few helpful links if you want to swap the drive.

Automated app -
Nitty gritty -

After reading about the iTV, I went ahead and bought a Crystal HD card. Absolutely flawless playback of high bit 720p, and 1080p. Sticking with Apple TV, with a 500GB external drive and the Crystal HD card. Would love to see native Crystal HD supported, but XBMC has come a long way and is a decent interface.

Well, I agree that my Apple TV just increased in value. In fact, I just bought two of the old ones ($150 each).

I also bought two Crystal HD cards for them here:
in case anyone wants to do the same.

With NetFlix, Pandora, Vudu, etc. already in my Blu-Ray player I just see no advantage to the new AppleTV aside from its processor and the AirPlay thing that lets you stream from an iPhone/iPad/Touch.

No HD is a major minus as is the lack of syncing with a Mac. The Crystal HD card added to the old one plays back 1080p and the new AppleTV still only plays 720p.

So, unless you love the AirPlay feature I just view this as a downgrade. Plus, I admire FireCore for developing for both AppleTVs, but I’m not sure what they will be able to do with the iOS. I can’t fathom that it would be easier to work with than the stripped down OS X that the old AppleTV uses.

FireCore, if you are able, I’d love to see a rough tentative list of what you think you’ll be able to do with the new AppleTV.

Thanks so much for your support! You are a great company!