ITV Player



I’ve installed the BBC iPlayer in XBMC and it works perfectly.

I downloaded an ITV Player from Google code.

I installed it, it starts to run.  I can see the programme listings, but they fail on loading.

Can anyone help?

Also are there plug-ins for 4OD and Sky Go?

I’ve tried using Plex, but with no success what so ever.





     Thanks for putting a light on this add-on not seen it myself. I downloaded it and installed it today and got the same errors regarding the script.


  Anyway managed to get it working now and its happily streaming as i type this reply.


  What you need to do is create 2 folders


  One called Images and the other called Subtitles as shown below where there location should be



 When you’ve done this give all the folders permissions 777, I also had to do the main folder as well.

 Hope this helps, It’s a great add-on what i’ve seen so far.

   Regards :slight_smile:



Thanks for your help.


I tried tonight, but without success.  Which version of the ITV player are you using?

I’ve found two, so far.  Neither work.  The one that comes closet is from the Google code site, v1.5.




  Hi Sorry to hear your still having problems. The version i’m using is 1.0.5 from the google code site.

      Make sure you have set all folders i listed to 777

The top one as well


Have you had a look in your xbmc.log file for any clues regarding permisions etc…

  its located here




I updated the librtmp as per the following post on

It works. Shame there is nothing decent to watch.