iTunes TV episodes won't play

Neither an episode of CSI:Miami I downloaded this week nor one I downloaded several months ago will play. All I get is a white screen. I had watched the previous one with no problem. Don’t recall if that was before I installed aTV Flash, but I suspect it is the cause of the problem. Unfortnuately, the only way to find out is to restore my ATV to its factory settings, which means I loose all my settings. I may just wait until Apple releases an update, but lord only knows when that will be…

It’s possible that the h.264 QuickTime component was moved to a Disabled folder. If you use CyberDuck or Fugu and go to /System/Library/QuickTime/ there should be a QuickTimeH264.component in there. If not then it got moved, so look for a QuickTime Disabled folder in the Library folder. You can find the reason here:

My H.264 was there, but I then discovered I had never installed the aTV Flash 3.5 update. Did that and I can now view the TV episode I downloaded from iTunes. Thanks.