iTunes stuck at "preparing AppleTV for restore"

When i'm trying to jailbreak my AppleTV 2G with Seas0nPass iTunes get stuck at "preparing AppleTV for restore". If I do a regular restore through iTunes everything works as it's supposed to. Does anyone have any ideas? (the only way for me to get it in DFU mode is to use Pwange Tool before i  start Seas0nPass)


Please help! :)



To help troubleshoot this please send in the log file locate at: ~/Library/Logs/SP_Debug.log 

Now i have submitted it! 


I'm running into this same issue.  Any update?  It just spins and sping in iTunes saying "Preparing Apple TV for Restore" and the Apple TV just blinks and blinks.  I am plugged in  via Micro USB, but not the power cable.  Does that make any difference?

I just ran into this issue with an AppleTV I bough yesterday… Any workaround yet?

Guys, I just ran into the same problem & worked it out 2 hours later. I had trouble getting the ATV2 to DFU mode without power cable attached & could only do it using the down+menu combination first then the menu+play buttons with the power cable connected. Once recognised in DFU mode I pulled the power cord & voila, ATV2 jailbroke no problem using Season Pass.

Just remember plus the micro USB cable first, then power, then hold down+menu for 6 seconds, then let go & press menu+play buttons for 7 seven seconds, once DFU is detected unplug the power cord & you’re good to go. Hope I’ve save someone out there hours of frustration. 

whenever iTunes got stuck on me … I pressed and held “Menu+Down” … I’ve been trying for days to go back to 4.4.x and unable to. it always gets stuck when iTunes is reprogramming the firmware. I’m on Win 7 x64 …

Me too.