Itunes Store not being accessed HELP


I have Apple TV 2 firmware 4.4.4 running all the latest updates and access to the iTunes store has now stopped working, an example of this is if i click on either Top Movies from the Movies Menu or Top Tv Shows from the TV Shows menu the screen goes black (looks like it is loading) then returns to the Main Apple TV menu.
I have tried 3 different iTunes accounts and get the same on each.
All XBMC, media player, Navi-X etc. all work great

Any suggestions to get the standard Apple TV 2 fuctionality working will be great


I should have added i used Overflow to move some menu items, but cannot remember which ones? could this have caused the issue?

From my experience, hiding the Internet menu is the one that is most likely to cause a proble.

Thanks itimpi moved the internet menu back to the Main Menu and everything working again

Thanks again for you prompt response :)