iTunes Storage External - iTunes still see's the internal

Hi - Trying to get the external drive as primary. Going through the steps it asks to select the drive (although I don’t recall seeing the message about it being formatted and erased) and then takes some time to copy the data. When I run iTunes it asks me to register the ATV and the capacity shows 144gb as other (Orange).

On ATV - Settings → General → About also indicate the internal still being used.

Have turned the device off and on.

Any suggestions?


FYI - Switched back to internal - Formatted the hard drive - (Mac Extended) - plugged it back in and rebooted. Then went to change to the external drive - it didn’t come up with the step about selecting the hard drive - just started the copy. :S


Not too sure what the root cause was but it is now working for me.

In iTunes unsynced 99% of my content (Just left 3 TV shows in the Sync list)
I reset the ATV to factory. Downloaded new ATV software (update) Setup and synced with iTunes.
Reinstalled aTV Flash
Reformatted the Hard Drive (as Mac OSX Extended (Journaled)) and saved it as a different name.
Attached the HardDrive (no hub)
Switched to External
Data copied and restarted and all was good.

Now syncing all my content over. (Will probably take a day or two :shock: )