iTunes setup/integration

Hey guys,

  I'm trying to figure out a good way to get the following done.  I have ATV2G but haven't bought aTV Flash yet.  I definitely see the value that it adds with allowing me to access video media on external/network storage but what about my iTunes music library?  The videos and writeups don't really touch on that.  My understanding is that ATV2G out of the box needs to have iTunes running on a computer because that will act as the server for ATV to access. My computer is a laptop and I don't want to have it on just for the sake of listening to music on my ATV.  What functionality does/will aTV Flash provide in this respect? I wouldn't be surprised if I'm missing something obvious. 

  If it's not possible for aTV Flash (black) to address this, what about the following:  If I get my hands on ATV 1G running aTV Flash, can I install iTunes on that ATV so it can share the iTunes library with the ATV 2G? 

  So I might end up with ATV 1G running aTV Flash and iTunes so it can share the iTunes library with the ATV 2G.  And the ATV 2G would have aTV Flash (black) so I can access a network drive that has my TV/Movie library.  Yeah even I think I sound crazy.  I'm just trying to end up with the perfectly streamlined end result on my ATV 2G. 


Thanks for the help.