iTunes Server

I have a NAS box which has an iTunes server within it (WD MyBookWorld white light).  Will it be possible to stream music directly from the NAS to my aTV in a similar way as I currently do from itunes on my laptop to the aTV? this would stop me having to turn on my computer before streaming music to the aTV. thanks

I’m not a nas pro but know this is possible…plug into your network access device …your router…and follow the setup information…I’m going to do the same…then all my wifi connected computers can access all our media…hope this helps!

Yeah i'm pretty sure it's possible, though not with aTV flash as it is.  I access media on my NAS via my mac or by using a uPnP client like my ps3.  What I'd like is for aTV flash to be able to access this in a similar way as I do with the music in itunes on my mac(as this is synced to the NAS).  I'm sure this will arrive in some shape or form when aTV flash is updated to work with NAS, I just wondered if it would use the itunes server, log in as my mac does, or access via uPnP. I was just hoping it would be a user friendly interface similar to the way we access media in itunes at the moment. 

If your nas has a built in iTunes server then you have all you need to make this work! Set up the iTunes server on your nas and plug in into your network access device and your ready! I’ll research a bit more but believe it’s not a problem to set this up as you wish!


Your correct…direct nas to atv2 is not possible without a computer running between the two which is running iTunes!

does not work !

Problem is the "home sharing" since the new itunes revision. Back in the good old days my synology would stream perfectly to other macs and stuff.

The only thing you can do (which is a lot of work depending on the size of your library) is installing xbmc and use the music-section. Problem here is: it does not (or probably not yet) recognize the itunes filesystem (well the filesystem yes, the playlists and stuff: no).

the easiest way here is to make folders instead of playlists and give xbmc one folder at a time with a name of your choice which you use as a playlist.

Sorry to break this to you 8)


No problem…I’m new to apple products…thanks for sharing!