iTunes Playlist Support

Afternoon all,
I’m bringing this topic to the aTV folks because Apple is ignoring the subject and from what i can tell doesn’t plan to add the feature.
The MOST USEFUL feature that aTV could implement is the integration of iTunes Playlist support for mixed/all media type.

Let me explain my daily interaction with iTunes. I have SEVERAL smart playlists in iTunes that manages my Podcast, TV Show, Movies, Audiobooks, etc. automatically. I have created several Smart Playlists that I’m able to keep the most current media on top and automatically move old stuff out of the way which is important when you are subscribed to 35 podcast feeds it can get very overwhelming.

I have posted the request (along with 100’s of other users) on the Apple forums and my posts keep gettiing deleted by the moderator which tells me that Apple doesn’t like it when we talk about things they dont want to deal with.

My PLEAD to the aTV team is to figure out a way to integrate this support on the AppleTV in the same Seamless/mixed way that iTunes presents the playlists agnonymous to the type of media in the playlist (Video Podcasts, Tv Shows, Music, etc…) and still be able to continue through the playlist.

Again I dont know if it is possible but it would be the VERY MOST USEFUL feature I could imagine.