Itunes Not Seeing USB HD

Hello Folks,

I have a issue at the last step of hacking my apple tv.

I go atvflash installed on my apple tv, downloaded all updates (smart)
I change the primary hd to external

I go to itunes and it still says 32 gbs. I have a 2TB plugged into the apple tv.

Please Help!!!


I’m having the same problem.

Do you know the format of the drive?

FAT 32 was the original formatting.

First, I had to download a utility from Western Digital to keep that annoying SmartWare software from loading.

Second, I used my Mac to format the drive as FAT 32.

Then I ran the NitoTV installation and NitoTV seems to see the drive’s capacity correctly.

But iTunes – mysteriously – does not.

Essentially you have two options for using an external drive on the AppleTV. If you want iTunes to recognize the drive as available space for syncing you will want to setup the drive as Primary Storage as described here:

Yes, it’s designated as PRIMARY.

I suspect I’m going to have to try to remove the Western Digital SmartWare software and reformat.

I hate it when hard drive manufacturers try to shove their crap software down our throats.

If I can’t get it removed, I’ll just take the drive back to Wal-Mart for a refund and start over again with a different hard drive.

OK. I had already downloaded the utility that causes the “Virtual CD” (SmartWare) to be disabled.

Apparently, there is no way to REMOVE the “Virtual CD.”

I’ll try reformatting and if that doesn’t fix the issue, then this drive is going back to the store.

I fixed it; it all seems to be working now.

  1. I restored the Apple TV to factory settings.
  2. I updated the Apple TV to 3.0.2
  3. I re-formatted the Western Digital Drive by using Disk Utility to create ONE (1) Mac OS (Journaled) partition and I erased the volume.
  4. I followed all ATV Flash instructions to the letter.

I did have to download Western Digital’s utility to DISABLE the “Virtual CD” that is on the drive; apparently this “Virtual CD” can’t be erased.

But now it’s all working properly.

iTunes sees the drive.

Great. The WD pre-installed software can be a pain sometimes.