ITUNES not restoring from most recent Seasonpass.

Tried using newest Seasonpass for Mac just to have all things updated. Did not work.  Did a full restore update from Apple to newest version via Itunes.  Attempted Seasonpass. ISPW  created etc.  Got the message the script is completed but then when it goes to Itunes to do the restore it is unsuccessful and obviously I cannot load ATV2 flash black onto the ATV2. What next? Before I did Seasonpass the Apple restore/update after resetting everything was fine.

Why am I getting an error #21 for PC according to Apple instructions for troubleshooting that you provide in a post? Again all Seaonpass is working until it goes to restore through I Tunes  and I get that error message. Also your suggestion for manually loading the ISPW via option and click… how do you do it if Seasonpass automatically goes to ITunes for the restore step?

Error 21 relates to a failure of the ATV2 to enter dfu mode.  ??? - is your ATV2 entering dfu mode correctly?? That has been a HUGE problem for a lot of people lately.

My computer screen says yes and verifies it with the ATV and check mark graphic. Is it possible that it really is not in DFU mode. How we would know other than ITunes not restoring and then , what fix is needed?

If you are using a PC, then it is worth grabbing the ireb4 program. This will both help you get into DFU mode by giving you instructions, and will also confirm when you have achieved it so that you know it is time to use iTunes to restore the .ipsw file created by SesonPass.

In iTunes I always then use SHIFT- click on the Restore button to allow me to manually select the SeaonPass.ipsw file (the one with _SP as part of the filename). On my system that ends up in My Ocuments\SeaonPass.

Working with a Macbook, not a PC


OK - it was jsut that you mentioned PC in an earlier message =O    I am not sure if there is an equivalent to iReb4 that runs on Mac OSX.

I mentioned PC, because the troubleshooting page at Apple via Firecore said, that the error message 21 I am getting is a PC error, even though I am on a Mac. I had absolutley no problems with the previous version of Seasonpass under 4.2. My only problem has been no AC3passthrough with media player. So at present, ATV flash cannot be used at all unless I can backgrade to 4,2 on ATV2 and get the older version of Seasonpass.  I really did not need the Apple update to 4.3 and therefore new Seasonpass, but I thought updating everything might clean up the media player problem. Wrong choice. Hope someone can get me back to using ATVFlash black