Itunes Movies

I am trying to put the movies that i Purchased via itunes and my iPad onto my external hard drive thats connected to my tv, my tv sees the movies just will not play them says invalid file type.


Itunes movies are .m4v which is essentially .mp4 and my tv can play .mp4 movies the question i have is will they not play because of DRM or am i missing something


how would i go about getting them to play i tried just renaming the extension to .mp4 with no luck


thanks kindly

Make sure that home sharing is enabled on both itunes and the atv.  Due to the DRM you will need to have itunes open on your computer and the files from the external will need to be in your itunes library.  Use the computers tab on your atv to view your itunes library and you will be able to play apple purchased movies videos etc…  You will be able to see the files in xbmc and media but in my experience they will not play.  If you do not have an atv you can use the airplay feature via your ipad to play the files.

Thanks for the reply but I’d rather not use my atvs what I am trying to do is not use my home sharing by moving all my purchased movies onto my external drive this way i have a backup on my hard drive and since my tv can read the hard drive I want to be able to watch movies straight from it but i guess there is no legal way to get around the DRM issue