ITunes Match and Photo Stream not an option?

I just jail broke and loaded fire core and was wondering why iTunes match and photo stream are not showing up anymore?

It sounds like you have AppleTV version 4.3 installed. These features are available on AppleTV 4.4 and later versions.

These options were available yesterday before i jail broke 

You were probably on the 4.4 firmware before you ran the jailbreak!

At the moment SeasonPass supports the 4.3 firmware with an untethered jailbreak (and I beleive this is the default).   You can also use the 4.4 firmware with SeasonPass, but then the jailbreak is tethered which means that the ATV2 needs to be attached to the PC/Mac any time you lose power (or do a hard-reboot) to complete the booting process.

Most people prefer the untethered jailbreak to having the extra features of the 4.4 firmware, but if you want the 4.4 features and are prepared to run with a tethered jailbreak then you can do that.

You are exactly right! i didn’t chose the right firmware and it defaulted to my old firmware jailbreak. All fixed and photo streaming and iTunes matching. thanx

Is this an option that will be updated soon with the unteathered  jailbreak?



Can you explain in lay mans terms how you fixed this.

I am using apple tv 2 with atv and was running the latest firmware on apple tv2 then I jail broke it and added atv as per the instructions on the fire core website, but I now don’t have photo stream option

Any help appreciated

If you have gone for the untethered jailbreak, then you will have downgraded from the 4.4.x series firmware to the 4.3 version. This probably explains your problem. At the moment there is only the tethered jailbreak for the 4.4.x series ( although the untethered jailbreak is now expected to be available soon).

Thanks for that…

None the wiser on tethered or untethered jailbreaks yet tho…

With a tethered jailbreak, you have to connect the ATV to a computer (tethered) to reboot it.  Not something that most people want to do given that you do have to reboot the ATV occasionally.  The best thing to do if you aren’t familiar with this stuff is to wait until these guys get a version of SeasonPass that works with 4.4.4. untethered.