iTunes Library on NAS

I have a Synology NAS configured as an iTunes Server. The NAS contains my iTunes library which my Mac is accessing when running iTunes. Will aTV Flash at any point allow the (black) ATV to see this iTunes Library (including playlists etc.) directly without a Mac running at the same time (home sharing)? I find browsing 20+k of songs extremely tedious using the file system. Same with XMBC. It’s slow and often crashing. On the other hand iTunes is just so much faster and it also handles albums and compilations a lot better. 



I have the same configuration as you. Synology + ATV2, and i would also love to access the Itunes library directly from the ATV.

This would be a great feature, and surely it’s possible, I mean, it’d basically turn the Apple TV back into a 1st generation Apple TV which could store media and didn’t require iTunes to be running.

Actually, the 1st generation AppleTV had the same problem. It would not “see” the iTunes Library on a NAS and require another Mac to run iTunes on the same network. What this feature would basically mean is linking the ATV2 and the NAS with an iTunes library via home sharing. I wonder if this can be such a challenge for developers. 

It ‘may’ be possible for music, but AKAIK there’s no NAS iTunes server that supports video at the present time.  Come to think of it, I don’t think there’s any NAS iTunes server that supports Home Sharing - that would solve everything.

That would be a great option for atv flash (black)

My NAS isn’t Sharing Home compatible, however it’s “itunes server” (the old way to share music with Apple)

Sure this option (itunes server) it’s common in several NAS


The best way to share music without PC/apple running


I also second this request


This would be super

I have used this as a solution to the delema… I export all files in the library as .mp3 into a folder on the NAS. Then connect to the share on the NAS from the aTV & aTV2.

Alternately, there is a free .m4a to mp3 converter out there that works well.

For the DRM encoded files purchased from iTunes store or any other source, there is the Swiss Army Knife of converters It is 39.99 but I use it for all my purchased music. Too bad it is a Windoze only version…