Itunes freezing during restore/firmware flash

Picked up a ATV Gen 2 yesterday. Updated to the latest FW via itunes, as it was on 4.1 and i wanted a few of the features from the 5.1os.

So using a windows 7 PC I then opened Seas0npass, and went through the process.

Clicked create IPSW

It dled the latest IPSW 5.1 and packaged it.

It then asked me to put the device in DFU mode, I did properly as Seasonpass recognized the ATV 2.

It then opened my Itunes and began to flash the FW.

Everything goes fine until about 5 minutes into he process Itunes just freezes when it begins to write the FW to the ATV an asks to close.


Any ideas? I tried multiple times to no avail!


Thanks for you time and consideration, someone you can help lol.

sounds like a pc problem not a problem with seasonpass.

try a different computer or remove and reinstall itunes.

disable any antivirus etc.



Agreed it has to be a PC issue, I’m going to give it a shot on my Mac when I get home from work today. The fact that this problem is not common is a good sign! thanks