iTunes Festival icon is blank -- and I think it's RemoteHD's fault


I have two AppleTV’s and they’re both jailbroken with ATV Flash (black) installed.  All is good, very happy.  Both are pretty much identical (with one issue that I will soon explain.)

Today I got Apple’s new icon for iTunes Festival:

On one AppleTV, the icon appears normally.

On the other AppleTV, the icon shows up as a blank (black) square.

Both WORK, mind you, but it’s off-putting that the icon is blank.  It looks broken.


The ONLY difference in setup between these two AppleTV’s is that the one with the blank iTunes Festival icon, a few weeks back I had gone into RemoteHD and selected the “Hide Menu Item” command (thinking it would hide the whole icon, not just the version number listed inside.)  I did NOT do that on the other.  And I quickly realized there’s no way to “Unhide” to undo this mistake.  Heck, Maintenance doesn’t even uninstall RemoteHD properly, when I tried that, the icon was removed but Maintenance still says it’s installed.


So, how do I UNHIDE the menu command, or just clear out RemoteHD’s prefs entirely, so I can troubleshoot this?

I don’t use RemoteHD often and would much rather have a proper icon displayed for the new iTunes Festival app. 

Well, so much for my deduction skills.  On the affected AppleTV, I updated the “Maintenance” app from Firecore, and then the problem went away.

Go figure.