Itunes error Windows.

Having a couple issues with my Apple TV (black) while attempting to Jailbreak.


I get itunes errors 1611 and 21 whenever i attempt to finish the jailbreaking process in Itunes. I have tried every solution offered in this forum.


Plugging in Power chord at certain points.

Using different USB cables,

Using different USB ports.

Holding menu AND play buttons.

Holding Menu and Down buttons.

Holding shift and clicking restore in Itunes and selecting the file.

Using TinyUmbrella.


Nothing seems to work for my device.

Its running 4.4.4 and my itunes is the latest


I can’t even restore my device with iTunes to default settings after a jailbreak attempt. It just errors out. The only way i could manage to get it back to the original settings was to jailbreak the device with GreenP0ison 4.1. that got my device up and running with he stock standard software again.

Im tearing my hair out over this. any solution would be greatly appreciated.

Do you happen to have any entries in your HOSTS file that could be redirecting the request? If you’re trying to flash 4.4.4 you shouldn’t need the assistance of any remote server.