iTunes does not recognize full external HD capacity!

I’ve flashed my ATV with ATVflash 4.0.2 (have the newest ATV FW installed before), with nitoTV, and ran SmartInstaller.
Have attached an external 1.5TB USB harddrive and set the storage option to external. ATV copied the internal files, and restarted (and in the meantime I have restarted twice, and not only the ATV finder, but the whole ATV!). Afterwards I added/linked my ATV new to my iTunes on my MBP.
However iTunes (v3.0.1.) does not recognize the full external HD’s capacity, but only the 160GB of the internal ATV drive.
How can I get iTunes to recognize the full capacity?

I am having the same problem. After attaching an external US drive successfully, I can not get iTunes to recognize the extra available disk memory.

Any help would also be appreciated.

I solved the problem by using another external drive.
Seems not all drives work with the patch? A WD MyPassport 2.5" 1TB worked like a charm, a Toshiba 3.5" didn’t.

I was wondering how did you get wd passport 2.5inch drive running without a power source on ATV?

I am trying to use 2.5 drives on my appleTV but I have no success :frowning:

I was thinking that ATV’s usb port doesn’t have enough juice to power 2.5inch drives.

I tried several 2.5", and all did work pretty well on the USB powered port.