itunes/atv issue - not sure if i should post here or itunes?

Hi, Not sure if this is an aTV question for apple or for atv flash. I don’t use itunes at all except for with atv and have only used it since i’ve had atv flash on it so…

Anyways, when i try to sync up my shared folders of music - i can’t seem to get it to update the new media i’ve added. It says it’s synching but shows many more music files on my computer than on the music section on my atv. I am sharing from the default folder (music? on my xp) and then have added in a couple extra shared folders…I had gotten them to update a bunch of new music i’d added before but can’t for the life of me figure out how i did it? The other folders are all showing as shared on my network.

Also just all of a sudden when i reset my sync history (I thought thats what i did to get it to find the new files last time) it doesn’t even give me the option to add ‘pictures’ video etc that i hadn’t before (i had it set to music only at the time).

Hope this is the appropriate place to ask?

You may try setting the AppleTV to ‘Custom Sync’ mode in iTunes then specifically choosing what media to sync to the AppleTV.