iTunes AppleTV Sync: Not Responding

Hi there,

i have bought atv flash today and i am having a problem. I can’t sync my iTunes with my Apple TV anymore - i think after i installed the smart update. iTunes lists the ATV, but when click the sync button, it says that the ATV is not responding and that i should check that port 3869 is allowed through the firewall. Well, it worked prior to me flashing atv flash to the Apple TV and i didn’t change anything in the firewall settings. It also doesn’t work any more when i disable the firewall. How can i repair this? I don’t even find a post in the wiki how to revert to the original 2.4 firmware.

Have you tried restarting the Apple TV? If that did not work, you can restore your Apple TV by going to Settings > General > Reset Settings > Factory Restore

Hope this helps, if not let us know.