iTunes and streaming services links

I love infuse as a library tool and love the ability to create playlists then hit shuffle.

There are apps out there that let you browse titles and view their availability on different streaming services and itunes, and it sure would be amazing if I can aggregate all my favorite movies and shows from my different subscriptions in one place.

To be clear, I understand there is no way to play said titles directly through infuse due to copyrights, but linking me back to the appropriate streaming app would be perfect.

I am sure it’s not possible but it would be awesome to show movies bought from iTunes / Apple TV in my Infuse library. Occasionally I buy them when they are cheap but the library features of the TV app are pretty poor. Would love to see them together with my other movies inside Infuse.

I’m sure it’s a legal issue since they include DRM and Infuse can’t offer that capability.

Yeah, I figured as much. I wonder if it would be possible to get the metadata of the movies to show them in the infuse library but then launch the standard Apple TV app to play the video rather than infuse play the video and therefore bypass the DRM issue

I don’t believe it’s possible to have Infuse open a specific title in the TV app, but if you want to add placeholders for videos that would appear in Infuse it’s pretty easy to do.

  1. Create an empty text file (EG untitled.txt)
  2. Rename the text file to match the video you have, and give it a video extension. (EG untitled.txt → 310 to Yuma.mp4)
  3. Place this file alongside your other videos

This will appear as a normal title in Infuse with all the normal metadata and artwork (less audio/video codec and runtime info). Of course, attempting to play this ‘video’ in Infuse will not work. :wink:

Just to take this one step further, you could also create an XML file and add a note in the description that would show in Infuse to remind yourself that to view that movie you need to use the Apple App. :wink:

It is possible to link to a movie in the iTunes Store. And on the movie’s page in the store is a play button if you bought the film. So all we need is the possibility to add the link to the xml file. This could generate an entry in the library that looks like all the others and pushes you into the iTunes store. Now you have all your movies in one place, Infuse.

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This is so very much needed. Would also be great if it can link to Disney+ and so on

I understand that infuse cannot play iTunes movies. But could it be possible to make an integration with iTunes anyway?

For example, that you could have metadata from the iTunes movies in the Infuse library, and that Infuse opened the iTunes app on the movie in question when you pushed the play button, or maybe a «move to iTunes button»?

I have bought several hundred movies in iTunes, so that would have been awesome.

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