itouch remote app w/atv flash apps

Using the control feature on the remote app with any atv flash applications is causing a crash for me. I can control the main menu fine and can usually get one level into an app like nitroTV but ass soon as I access my external Drive I get a crash. Any standard atv apps work fine. I selected and watch a couple pod casts to test. I had the same issues on earlier versions this morning, didnt record ver# , so i updated all 3 applications. I know another update is coming soon from atv flash, any ideas if this should be fixed or is this just a problem for me.

Remote app version: 1.3.2
atv flash: 4.0
Atv: 3.0.1

You will need to have aTV Flash 4.0.1 installed if you are running AppleTV 3.0.1.

That did it, Thanks.