iTouch/iPhone/iPad with Boxee

I’m using an iTouch as a remote, but assume that it would be the same issue with an iPhone or iPad. I’m using the Remote HD app primarily, and also have the Boxee app running. Remote HD is great…I use it when I’m hanging out by the pool because it is identical to what you’d see on the primary display, except when I’m using Boxee. I typically use and pandora when hanging out by the pool, and neither app gives a decent view of picking stations, tunes, thumbs up/down, or apps without coming back inside to look at the primary display. The Remote HD app is blacked out when I’m using Boxee, and the Boxee app itself just has the basic arrows or “gesture” option, both of which are useless when I’m outside and away from the primary display.

Am I missing something with these apps, or is there a better app out there? Thanks!

We are working on this issue and will release an update soon.
Both XBMC and Boxee show a blank screen in Remote HD but navigation works.

A new version of Remote HD plugin is now available. The new version fixes the blank screen issue in BOXEE and XBMC.
The refresh rates are also much better.