Items stay in "Watching" list after moving file to new directory

I am experiencing an adjacent bug.

In Shares I have pCloud (under Cloud Services). Within pCloud, I’ve selected a particular folder as a Favourite.

When I want things from my pCloud to show in Infuse, I move them into the folder I picked (above), and similarly, when I’m finished I move them elsewhere (but don’t delete).

Those items act exactly as expected in the Favourites folder and in the global Library under Films / TV Shows.

However, the Watching list retains the Film / TV Show and in fact I can still play the content even though the item isn’t officially in my Library…

Infuse can keep items in the “Watching” list even if they are being watched from a favorite not included in your library.

Just moving it from a share included in the library to a share not included in the library won’t remove it from watching.

If you want to remove it from watching you can go to the preplayback screen and do it from there. :wink:

Ah, what you say works for manually removing stuff, so if that’s the only option, thanks for finding a solution!

Basically I have a big library of Classic stuff which I don’t want clogging up my “current” library, so the idea was to drop stuff in and out of that folder when I was in the mood for watching a classic. If I watch an episode, is the only option after having removed it to then go in and manually remove it from Watching or to delete the file? What’s the use case / purpose of it staying around?

I’m confused by “a favorite not included in your library”. In my setup, only the ‘Classics’ folder is a Favourite, everything else on pCloud is not a Favourite.

Could you explain why this is a feature and not a bug? Why would we want something that’s not in our Library staying around in Watching?

Any shared folder is accessible to Infuse; only checked (favorited) shares appear in the library.

There are many reasons why users might choose to use the folders interface (files browser) to watch content that isn’t in their library (otherwise why would they have included the share?) … and it’s handy that watched status is recorded and tracked for non-library items too.

So, not a bug.

Perhaps you can add a suggestion that it be made optional to hide non-library item watched status from the up next bar (while leaving it visible when you navigate to the folder directly)?

Alternatively you can hide now-playing items from showing up in the up next bar altogether, if you chose. (It can be configured to show now playing + recently added, either one on its own, or neither.)

Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense.

Not ideal for my use case, but I think mine’s fringe and likely doesn’t deserve taking up space in the options. At least there’s a manual way of resolving it.

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