Items not grouped into collection on Home Screen

It appears there is possibly a bug on the Home Screen. I have Group films (movies) into collections turned on, and this works in the All Films area, but not in the scrolling carousel on the Home Screen.

A number of films that are correctly in Collections also appear on the scrolling list. This happens on all OSs: iOS, iPadOS, TVOS and MacOS.

I have not noticed this before so I am thinking it might have been introduced in Infuse 7.4.10

For information I am running Infuse 7.4.10 (4329) on the following:
MacOS 13.2
iOS & iPadOS 16.3
TVOS 16.3.1

I believe this may be expected behavior, but I agree it could be better.

We’ll see what we can do here.

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Thank you for this. I forgot to mention, and this of course may make a difference, is that all my films are served by Emby. That includes Collections.