It Takes a Minute or Two to Load

When open the app, I have to wait for a minute or two to do anything. I can’t search, I don’t see anything on the main screen, I can’t surf through folders etc. Imagine opening Google and waiting a minute for a minute to make a search. It’s 2021 for god’s sake. I have tried both Plex and Emby shares and this occurs on both of these. Nothing wrong with my internet connection. I’m done with this.

I know that I won’t get any help and this post will be forgotten but anyways, trying my luck.

As soon as you open the app, go to the Library settings page and note the messages there telling what is going on until you see the “Last Updated…” message. This may help figure out what the delay is.

It’s because of fetching next up list. How this will help?

How big of a library are you looking at?

This may tell if there’s a problem in the connection or other functions that may be taking some time.

Are you letting it finish to completing the iCloud sync?

9838 movies, 64924 tv episodes. I am letting it finish everything most of the time even though it takes couple minutes and wearing thin my patience.

Which device are you using Infuse on?

There are a number of improvements in this area coming in the 7.3 update which may help.

Latest version of iOS on an iPhone.

I am always getting indefinite answers or no answers at all about my issues with Infuse. I’ve send a request for beta testing, let me test it on beta and see if it has fixed at least.