It is recommended that the directory can be set as a collection or favorite





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Scenario: I have some folders with some videos stored in them. These videos cannot match the metadata very well. Now I can set the videos in this folder to use local metadata, but I want the content in this folder to , in the form of a collection, displayed on the main screen

My current approach is to create a new favorite folder and add all the videos in this folder to this favorite folder, but there is a problem. When I add new content to this folder, I need to add the newly added Add content to favorites to find it on the home screen

Suggestion: You can set the entire folder as a favorite or a collection, and when new content is added to the folder, it will automatically appear in the favorites or collection

Platform: iPhone

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Please also post in English so that more users can benefit from your contributions. Also you may get an answer sooner from others who have had the same problem.

也请用英文发布,以便更多用户可以从您的贡献中受益。 此外,您可能会更快地从遇到同样问题的其他人那里得到答案。

I gather this is a request for live watched folders or smart lists?



I want to display a folder using local metadata on the home screen, similar to the display of movie series or favorites.