It has to be a stupid question but ...

I just bought ATv soft and one of exiting new functionnality is XBMC.
Thing is I can’t succed to find my locally stored Apple TV / ITunes music.
XBMC asks me to select a folder and I don’t where it is stored.
I of course try to “import my Itunes library” in the Itunes section, but it doesn’t retrieve anything…
Could anyone help me please ?
Many thanks in advance,

Me too! To be honest I have installed Boxee, Plex and XBMC before on Mac and never ever got them to find any of my files!!! Now I have just yesterday taken delivery of my ATV Flash enabled Apple TV and after syncing my huge library of music and all three films (well only just started ripping films!) everything works great in Frontrow (or whatever ATV uses) but XBMC just finds nothing at all - I browse to folders where one might expect to find loads of MP4 files and nothing!

I have a funny feeling I am missing something very, very obvious?! Can’t even find “import my Itunes library” - is this software safe to be let loose on mere “users”? :slight_smile:


I don’t believe XBMC is able to utilize media that has been synced via iTunes. It will be able to play media that has been transferred via FTP.

So basically I have to use ATV FrontRow for iTunes synced content and if I want to use XBMC (mainly because of it’s ability to play other file formats and the snazzy user interface) then I won’t be able to see my iTunes synced content?! This is plain daft! I can’t believe the iTunes synced content is hidden? If it’s on the internal had drive then why can’t XBMC see it? It can obviously see the folder structure?

I have to wonder what on earth people bother with jail breaking the ATV if they then have to FTP stuff across - particularly when the stuff is sat there on the hard drive all the time?!!

timiambeing: Have you tried to navigate to your files in XBMCs FILEMANAGER>ADD SOURCES to add your stuff?
see this:

Hi Louie - yes that was my first thought, browsed all over the ATV drive and no content anywhere. Thought it might be that XBMC can’t see Apple Lossless file format so have FTP’d into the ATV and all that is visible is the folder structure to do with ATV Flash (I think) either way no content anywhere that I can see. Maybe ATV Flash can only provide SSH access to it’s own mounted drive that is separate from the internal ATV boot drive? any one here from ATV Flash team?

You can’t play your DRM protected purchases but anything else should work with the iTunes plugin for XBMC, in other words other movies that you have ripped or music that you have imported.
I have never tried it but I read about it awhile back when I was looking around…