It appears that the ‘Memory Only’ Streaming Cache option is not functioning properly when using PIP mode


It appears that the ‘Memory Only’ Streaming Cache option is not functioning properly when using PIP mode.

macOS Ventura 13.4
Samba 4.7.6

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What’s it doing? Or not doing?

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As @FLskydiver said, what makes you say there’s a problem? Details will help understand what you’re seeing.

Also, I’m believe that the PIP mode also uses Apples video player for one of the pictures so Infuse settings may not affect both in the same way.

Since most of the videos on my home server are in Blu-ray original format, I have enabled the streaming cache option to ‘Memory Only.’ However, I’ve noticed that streaming playback in PIP mode causes a significant amount of disk writing.

Do you mean disk accessing or writing specifically?

Since PiP is an Apple function it will be controlling the disk accessing not Infuse I believe.

“Memory Only” means no data is cached on the receiving device’s discs (or ssds) — so with high-bitrate files like uncompressed Blu-ray Discs, it might make sense your server would be a lot more active sending content pieces at a time throughout the duration of a stream? Or is it discs on your Mac that are being written to? Are they SSDs? And this is worse in PIP mode than full-screen?

What’s going on in the non-Infuse window? If you’re working on the Mac, might the other activities you can do concurrently with watching Infuse in PIP explain excess disc use, or reduced memory space for stream-caching, as opposed to when Infuse is the only program using resources when it is full screen?

It is true that when playing a Blu-ray original file in PIP mode, there is almost as much SSD disk writing as the size of the Blu-ray original file. I confirmed that this also occurs when playing directly from a local SSD, rather than streaming. As both of you have stated, it seems that the SSD disk writing in PIP mode is due to differences in playback method, rather than being related to streaming cache. Thank you for your response. @FLskydiver @NC_Bullseye

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