Issues with TRAKT Integration


I am a monthly subscriber, have everything working but noticed a few bugs with TRAKT sync.

I am signed in to TRAKT and it synced my watched status from TRAKT to infuse but some eps are shown as part watched but in Kodi and Emby they show as fully watched, why is this happening?

I have also turned off Metadata as I just wan a quick and easy way to get to my media and find the metadata slow and incomplete. After doing that TRAKT no longer seems to work and all my TV eps are shown as unwatched in Infuse?


A number of improvement/fixes for trakt were included in the just released 5.4.4 update. Can you try installing this to see if it resolves what’s going on.

Note, you may need to log out and then back into trakt after updating.

It is better now but still getting a lot of part watched symbols when Trakt and Emby report the episodes as fully watched!

Please send in a report from your device so we can look into this further. Thanks!

Thanks, done that

Apologies, I missed the part where you mentioned you turned off Metadata Fetching.

Metadata Fetching needs to be on to use trakt. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi, yes I have worked that out now, the issue is solely the part watched status showing in Infuse where all my other Trakt synced apps show fully watched as does Trakt itself.

In essence, with metadata fetching disabled Infuse won’t send or receive any info from trakt about a particular movie/show and the watched status will simply be available locally on the Apple TV.

To resolve this, you may try the following.

  1. Enable Metadata Fetching in Settings.
  2. Local one of the files that has an incorrect watched status.
  3. Use the ‘Edit’ option and select the matching title.
  4. The watched status should update to reflect what is shown in your trakt account.

Note, you can update all videos by using the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option found in Settings… This will force Infuse to refetch info for all your files.

I have done this and it is still showing many episodes of tv shows as part watched. For eg. I have Vikings season 4 and I have watched it all. It’s shown in Trakt as 100% watched, it shows in Emby as 100% watched but in Infuse 3 episodes are shown as part watched and the rest watched. This is my issue.

Drastic measures would be to remove and re-add the share. This will wipe out all cached info for files and folders, and during Infuse’s scan process it will download all current watched statuses from trakt.

Note, the trakt sync of the indexing process is done towards the end, and you can monitor scanning progress through Settings > Library.