Issues with tagged movies

I’m experiencing some issues with a movie with two versions in the same folder and tags shown in the library section (The movie is “Werewolf By Night”):

  1. movie is not showing the custom poster image i’ve added in the movie folder, i’ve tried renaming the image file as “folder.jpg” or “poster.jpg” but no one is working, but it’s work if i use only one version in the movie folder

  1. in my custom collection, with the same movie added on, the version showed are 3 and not 2 as i put it in the storage folder. In this case it’s shown my custom movie poster

I would like to show only the two versions of the storage folder and show my custom movie poster.
How can i do this?

The poster for a smart group will be taken from the first item in the group.

To set a poster, you will want to have the image name match the actual video - and place it next to the video.


Werewolf By Night.mkv
Werewolf By Night.jpg

In your case, the first item is the ‘1080p’ version, and you can view the actual filename for this by scrolling to the bottom of the details page.

More info on overriding metadata and artwork can be found here.

Thank you @james for the correct answer, i’ve resolved the first point of my issues, can you tell me something about the other issues i’m experiencing?

You can view the filename which correlates to each tagged item at the bottom of the page. This may shed some light on which video this is.