Issues with sound in .avi files since update to aTV v3.61

since I upgraded the aTV FW to 2.4 and installed 3.61 ATV I have issues with the sound in .avi files.
I hear a loud zipping (don’t know how to describe it else) beep and have no sound.
I installed 3.61 again but issue remains, I have no sound at all, just this zipping beeps.
Any idea what to do?

I have the same problem but only with certain avi files, it seems that i am reading most files but there is a type of avi not yet id that makes this coninous zapping noise. ATV what am i missing?

Ok so the sound works just fine if I put it through XBMC/BOXEE so it must just be Sapphire

I have made sure all my codecs are installed and it only the odd avi file so where is my problem ?

I have paid and done my year ATV Flash entice me to purchase yet another.
Support this problem if you want me to invest another round. The goodwill factor will be enough but as you grow so should your concern.

Have either of you tried out 3.6.2 at all? Has it helped out? Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Ok now paid for another year. updated the box to the current 2.4 Apple box software loaded up my new 3.62 atv release updated all the installs and guess what.

still an audio issue. Problem exactly the same and confirmed this is only with sapphire all other application can play this file ?

Who’s brain can I pick. ?

Ok worked it out myself.
In Sappire In settings un-Enable “Enable AC3 Passthrough”

For some reasons this was cause of some types of avi files producing this funny fast zapping in audio playback.

Its a Sapphie glitch, now resolved. :lol: :lol: