Issues with Showing filenames as titles


I would like to use the option show filesnames to control e Title of my Movies while preserving the rest of the meta Data found by Infuse. The reason is so that I can add extra info to the title like ‘Original Theatrical Release’ or ‘Directors Cut’, as I have sometime have differ variations of the same movies but this is not always discovered (or selectable) by Infuse.

The problem is that when I enable this it either uses the video file name but it also shows the file extension, or when the video is in a folder it initially uses the foldername (so correct tile without file extension :slight_smile: ), but after playing the video Infuse suddenly starts using the video file name and I again end up with a file extension in the Title :frowning: .

Is this a bug or, am I doing something wrong or should I post a suggestion for an option to show of hide the file extension when showing file names?