Issues with seasons posters

Hi all,
recently I noticed a strange behavior when I add a new season.
Infuse pick up the wrong poster for some seasons: for example I added season 3 of Marvel’s Daredevil and Infuse had picked up a generic poster for the show instead of the season poster (which is present on TVDB page for the show).

The same happened for other shows (Killjoys season 4, Suits season 8, Supernatural season 14, Z Nation season 5, The Man in the High Castle season 3, The Walking Dead season 9).

I tried to reload the metadata but no luck.

TheTVDb has had a bit of downtime/slowness recently, so fetching may be a bit off.

I’d give it a day or two and try again.

Thx James, I’ll do what you suggested and I’ll report back.
Anyway it’s very strange that some poster are picked up as intended and some are not…

No luck!

I waited but Infuse pickup is still the same.
I checked TVDB and it’s working fine.
I’m pretty sure it’s an Infuse issue.

Can you provide a bit more info about how your files are named and organized? Are you browsing through the Library or through folders?

Yes James:

The structure for Tv shows is:

Name of the show FOLDER–>Season 01 FOLDER–> Name of the show S01E01

I’m sorry if I repeat myself but Infuse always picked up the right poster for season, only recently had started acting so weird and not for all tv shows.
Can you try to replicate with one of the shows I mentioned and check the results?
Thx again

I just checked killjoys, Z Nation, TWD, and The Man in the High Castle and all are pulling the correct season posters both in the library and in the favorite views.

Perhaps you could provide an exact example of the file names you’re having problems with in case there’s a slight variance that may be causing the issue. Try one of the TWD episodes or one of the Z Nations to make it easier. :wink: (I don’t know WHO could be a post apocalyptic zombie fan around here. :wink: )


So I have multiple shared hard disk. (over SMB)

The structure is exactly as you can see in pictures attached.
The parent folders are folders with the show name.


Just as a test, could you replace the " - " (space/dash/space) with just a single space? So your file name would be “The Walking Dead S09E01 A New Beginning.EXT”.

Try that on one season and see if that helps.

Since a dash is seen as the same thing as a space it may be causing problems with what looks like three spaces in a row when looking for the metadata.

OK I’ll test and I’lll report back.
In any case if it will works it’s very strange because I have this issues only with the last season and the structure is the same for every seasons.

thx for now

No luck!

I removed the dash as suggested but same result.
I tried with Z Nation but Infuse always pick up the first generic poster from the show main page of TVDB (Z Nation -
instead of Season 5 poster.(

See attachments.

Thx anyway

Well, I figured it out. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but wanted to experiment a bit.

The way to fix it is to go into settings and select “Clear All Metadata”

I was getting the same screwy season posters on TWD and Z Nation and this is the only way I got Infuse to grab the correct season posters. You may have to change the file names to the way I showed above but if you’re a gambling soul give it a shot clearing and then rebuilding the metadata first. Mine took about 3 hours to do a 10K item library.

Thx NC Ill try…my only concern is: how will Infuse acts in the future scans?
Anyway thx again

I’m just crossing my fingers for future scans. This is where it’d be REAL handy to be able to clear a single series instead of having to clear the entire library.

I couldn’t agree more.
I’ll test and I’ll keep you posted.

Hi NC,
after the “clear all metadata” process I can confirm the issues with seasons posters is gone.
As you said I’ll keep my finger crossed for future scans and, imho, to be able to clear a single series or season, should be mandatory.

Outstanding! Maybe Firecore will see the need for this soon. :wink: (Hint hint James) LOL

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