Issues with Retrieving Metadata

I am posting in this forum, but I am experiencing the issue with both Apple TV and iOS. Basically, there are two episodes of Doctor Who; The Christmas Invasion (2005), and Resolution(2019) that I am not able to retrieve the metadata. I have my system set up for metadata fetch. Infuse will not find the episodes automatically, and when I try a manual search it says “Nothing Found”. Here are the filename format as entered:

Doctor Who_Resolution.2019.mp4


Doctor Who_The.Christmas.Invasion.2005.mp4

Both of these episodes are Doctor Who Christmas specials, so they don’t belong to a specific season. I use the same format for the remaining Doctor Who specials without any issues. The problem is present in the latest versions of Infuse 5 and Infuse 6. Running latest OS versions of Apple TV 4 and iOS 13. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.



They should be named as specials for the series Doctor Who (2005) as specified at … Doctor Who (2005) -

So try:
Doctor Who (2005) S00E02 The Christmas Invasion.mp4
Doctor Who (2005) S00E156 Resolution.mp4

Thank you for the answer. It worked well with Infuse.

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