Issues with ISO files


i have some problems with ISO files.
Example 1: ISO for the movie “Gravity”: only the “making of” with 9 chapters is displayed. The main file (which is 00109.m2ts, in the folder BDMV/Stream) I cannot select.
Example 2: ISO of the movie “Rogue One”: here all integrated texts are shown in Polish. I can’t change that anywhere.
Pictures in the appendix.
This happens on Apple TV and IPhone App

If there was a solution
Thank you.



Did you change the “title” that was playing? (Swipe down, go to Video, then title, select a different one). I’ve seen this on ocassion and usually it’s just Infuse selecting the incorrect “title”.

thank you very much for the hint!
This works as a temporary solution - but I hope that a full DVD menu will be available soon :slight_smile:

I too would love to see ISO support with full menus

There is a thread in the Suggestions forum requesting this and you can add your support there.

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