Issues with Incorrect Display of Custom Posters for Multi-Season Series - Seeking Solutions

I manage my movies and TV shows with tinymediamanager, choose my favorite posters from TMDB, and generate local nfo files. The displayed posters for movies and single-season TV shows are the ones I selected, which is correct. However, when the TV series has multiple seasons, the displayed poster is the default one from TMDB, not the one I selected.

I’ve tried downloading the posters locally and using them, following this tutorial ↓ ↓ ↓

All Seasons poster

Series poster (available only while using Library)

but it doesn’t work !!!

Continuing from the previous, I tried using local Metadata ↓ ↓ ↓

For an Entire Folder

To use embedded metadata for an entire folder (including any subfolders) long-press (right-click on macOS) on the folder icon and select ‘Use Local Metadata’.

but all the TV shows were classified under ‘other’, and I had to revert to the online version. How can I use the posters I prefer?

I just put the series poster image in the main series folder, and season poster images in the season subfolders, and name them all “folder.jpg”. This works for me.

The Last of Us (2023)
     folder.jpg        <- series poster
     Season 1
         folder.jpg    <- season 1 poster
         The Last of Us (2023) S01E01.mkv
     Season 2
         folder.jpg    <- season 2 poster

(Anxiously awaiting a second season)

@FLskydiver I tried this method, but unfortunately, it still did not display correctly. The folder’s cover uses the correct poster, but the one inside the TV Shows,series is still the default poster from TMDB. My system is iOS 16.3, and I’m using Infuse Pro 7.5.6

What happens if you follow the Infuse Users guide for custom posters for each season?

Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

I’d added to my post since first responding, better depicting the folder structure for all my files.

@NC_Bullseye showed what works for him. Either of those ought to do it.

Care to post what you’ve got currently? Maybe we can figure it out.

Another thought: where are your files located?

Overriding series/season artwork is not possible when using Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

Just to clarify, it’s not just what works for me, it’s how the Infuse users guide shows to do this.

I just showed the file structure because I can be “textually challenged” with the users guides at times until I see the actual directory layout. LOL :disguised_face:

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Oh, yeah — that, too. :slight_smile:

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My files are located on one of my Synology NAS, and infuse Pro on Apple TV and iOS devices is connected via SMB. If it’s a file issue, it’s unexplainable when only one season of a TV series is available, the poster displayed is the one I selected and edited on tinymediamanager. However, if there’s more than one season, the poster displayed is the default one from TMDB.

when all five seasons are present, the poster displayed is the default one from TMDB.
When I remove four seasons and leave only one, the poster displayed is the one I selected (and saved to the local folder through tinymediamanager).

Please show a screen cap of the directory for this show with the series and season folders along with the artwork. Like the one I provided above.

The following is the folder for the first season, and the other seasons are the same.


First thing I see is that you have both “Season x-poster.jpg” AND “Season-all-poster.jpg”. I believe you’re going to want either the individual season posters or the season-all poster but not both in the same directory.

Also, the “poster.jpg” will only be visible in the Library as per the Users guide.

I’d also move the folder.jpg out of that directory since that will conflict with the poster.jpg

This folder is a display of my multiple attempts, where I tried various methods, hence it’s a bit messy. There’s a folder here that hasn’t been modified, it only has one season and one special season, but it still can’t display the poster I want. When I delete the special season, it displays correctly.


Poster for what? Series? Season?

Can you show what poster you’re actually seeing and what the poster.jpg you have looks like?


I selected this poster from TMDB in tinymediamanager, and tinymediamanager automatically downloaded the poster.jpg and saved it locally. When there is only one season, the poster displayed in the TV show is this one. I’m not sure if infuse is reading this local poster.jpg or the poster link in the nfo from TMDB. Either way, it’s what I want, so there’s no problem.


When more than one season is present, the poster displayed in the TV show is not this one, it seems to be the default poster matched on the TMDB website. Even if the one I saved locally is not this one, and the link in the nfo does not point to this poster… I’m not sure if you understand what I’m saying.

This poster is not what I want, it does not exist in my local poster.jpg, season 1-poster.jpg, season-all-poster.jpg (if any), or any other variously named images, nor does it exist in any poster links pointed to in the nfo. So, I’m very puzzled.

But “folder.jpg” is visible both in the Library and in the Files Browser :wink:

Instead of “Specials” I name that folder “Season 0” (but honestly I don’t think Infuse cares, per what Firecore has said).

If the files inside are in the format “Title (Year) S00E01.mkv” you should be fine.

If they aren’t TMDB indexed files, calling the folder “Extras” should make Infuse ignore it.

One thing you might try is temporarily batch renaming all your .nfo (I rename them to .nxx) so that Infuse ignores them and then you can rule out the presence of the .nfo files from messing anything up.

I don’t think Infuse pays attention to tvshow.nfo but I’d rename that, too.

Obviously you only want one series poster in the main series folder — poster.jpg is supposed to work … I’ve used folder.jpg.

The season posters should go in the same folder, if labeled as “season 1-poster.jpg” … or you can try what I do and just move them inside the season folders and rename them to (also) “folder.jpg”.