Issues with folders

Hey. Just upgraded from infuse Pro 4 to infuse Pro 5.

My tv show folder structure : one folder per show, and one folder per season. TV_Shows{show_name}{show_name} - season {#}\file.ext

TV show is on favorites, only folder are shown, the artwork in the folder isn’t.

On infuse pro 4, when opening favorite folder, it automatically scraped the first level of folders. Since the update to 5 pro, it doesn’t… so for it to work correctly, I would have to have all my files directly without folders into TV_Shows\ which is damn ugly…

How do I get infuse 5 to check the content of the folders automatically, like it used to in infuse 4 ??


Is the problem you’re having just the artwork, or are you saying that the episodes in each of your Season folders aren’t accessible in Infuse 5 at all?

Hi, the episodes are accessible, but I have to open each folder and go back, then open another one, instead of having everything directly displayed with metadata etc… Also the library doesn’t seem to be working.

Thanks for the reply !

I’m surprised that your file naming worked in Infuse 4. The expected form of the directory/file naming for Infuse is usually along the lines of:

TV_Shows{show_name}\season {#}{show_name} S{##}E{##} {optional_episode_name}.ext

Hello. You’re absolutely right about the third level naming, but in infuse 4, it would still explore content on one more folder level than in infuse 5…

Thanks for the reply