Issues with external usb support

Well, i have been using atv for a while now and for the most part it works great, today i was very upset with it though. I have 2 external usb hard drives and i left home for the weekend to come home and find that both drives have had a good amount of files overridden and set to a file size of zero. Now i have lost a over 500 video files that are not replaceable and they were damaged due to this software. This is the second time this has happened so i am starting to think i may have to go back to installing xbmc myself an just stop using this patch. There were no issues with this happening till i used this patch system. I am not sure if this is an issue that atv is even bothering to repair or if they are aware of it but i am furious about it. I am not trying to point a finger but being a programmer myself i am aware when certain software is causing problems and i have noticed a few. To anyone who is using external usb hard drives just be warned. There is a chance you will lose you data. This is only with external usb hard drives, using the system any other way is fine. This is only with the latest release 3.4.3, the first time this happened it was an older version but it was fixed in another update.

I’m sorry to hear this. Have you copied this into an E-mail to aTV Flash? I’m sure they would like to know about something as major as this. Data Recovery is not an option to find this media, like Data Rescue or some other recovery program?